ABOUT Edgar Hartley

Edgar Hartley attained a human reincarnation in the early 60s in a dusty college town in the middle of the west Texas panhandle.  He has lived almost equal parts of his life in the western/desert southwestern lands as well as on the eastern coast of the United States.  For now, Edgar lives and works in New York, though his phenomena are impermanent and constantly changing.

At various times throughout this life he has been a Christian, a Witch and a Buddhist.  As an artist, the most satisfying and influential of the three has been the Dharma teachings of true happiness and single present moment thinking. 

Edgar's work utilizes various techniques to explore the points where the technology of belief systems (the software of Thinking) meets the reality of daily living (the projection of Karma in the present moment).  While some shows or projects demand a specific theme or printmaking method, many times the work spontaneously arises simply as joyful expressions of the present moment.

Edgar Hartley