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As a Queer Buddhist artist of the 21st century the way I see the world is heavily influenced by queer sexuality and the struggles of marginalized peoples, but especially by the profound Buddhist View (Minds Only School) and insight into how we are constantly arising in each moment as new sentient beings. While not everything I make is overtly themed along these lines, almost all my imagery is informed by an exploration of these ideas.  Like many artists, I choose a polymathic approach, using a universe of different techniques to explore the points where the technology of belief systems (the software of Thinking) meets the reality of daily living (the projection of Karma in the present moment).  While some shows or projects demand a specific theme or printmaking method, many times the work spontaneously arises simply as joyful expressions of the present moment.  There is no sound, image, or medium which I consider forbidden to use to express my vision.

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