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In the Diné language Hózhóónigo means "…the direction of beauty."  To walk in beauty has many interpretations and connotations, but the one I like the best is closest to the Buddhist way of living, which is to engage each moment joyfully, no matter what that moment brings.  It's a lesson in being present in what's happening without condemnation or relativistic judgement.  Walking in beauty implies that you're mind is peaceful and alert and your path is one that is in balance with all living beings.  In this piece, a nude figure takes a step into the unknown, toward a more meditative reflection of himself, with four sacred guardian dancers guiding his path.  The shining, metallic threads woven into the upper right of the piece seem to suggest that the very fabric of reality has opened to reveal a beauty world beyond.


Beauty Way (Hózhónin Deya)

  • polymathic prints (screenprint, toner transfer, threading), 12.5" x 10", 2019, unique

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