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In Don't Look Now, a lone figure kneels submissively, head bowed, while a dark figure, herself shrouded and bound, is drawn away. Two pairs of disembodied but couture-clad legs dangle above them next to a bloodied pigeon feather. Faces stare through the riot of color and pattern in the background, while Buddhist double vajras spin, implying the emptiness of all arising phenomena. Just behind the kneeling figure, the Bodhisattva Kshitgarbha stands peacefully as if waiting to be recognized. Does the shrouded figure see the Bodhisattva or is she pleading for help from the submissive boy, or both of them? Is she turning her head from the bloodied feather and hanging legs? Is the kneeling figure aware of them and chooses to ignore them? Does he not see any of it, or has he just been told to 'Stay'?screenprint, paper lithography, collage, found objects

Don't Look Now...

  • polymathic print (screenprint, paper lithography, collage, found objects), 15" x 11", 2020

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